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Group Coaching

Why I created this program...

My signature offer : Neurodivergent Magic 

I created this group coaching container after having experienced a very powerful container myself and having grown so much in the span of 8 weeks with 4 other asian women entreprenuers. 

We inspired each other, learned so much from each others experiences. 

We were also understood, validated, deeply seen, as we saw threads of our lives reflected in each other. 

Witnessing others journies and struggles really inspired me and helped with my self doubt. 

My experience with group coaching is that the progress is faster than 1:1, since we are exposed to many topics a session (3-4) and we are able to see our patterns reflected on the challenges others have, and find ways to incorporate / apply their learnings into our lives. 

Magic happens when neurodivergent people find others their vibe 

💫 Magic happens when we feel seen by others with similar lived experiences.

("its not just me!")

The power of community is strong. Every neurodivergent person is unique and have different needs, but many many of us struggle with smimilar challenges. 

Feeling acceptance, empathizing with other people and having greater compassion for myself was a powerful way for me to shed shame around my neurodivergence and overcome challenges to step into my neurodivergent powers.

I want to invite you to experience it too. 

My group coaching container provides a safe, nurturing, and empowering space where neurodivergent peeps can come together to:​


💗 Build a Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded neurodivergent folks who share your experiences and challenges. Be seen and heard. The power of community is strong!


💪 Develop Effective Strategies: We'll work together to create tailored strategies to navigate common ND challenges such as overwhelm, procrastination, time management, , energy / motivation management, emotional regulation, and relationships. (and more!)


🚀 Achieve Your Goals: My program is designed to help you set and achieve your personal and professional goals, whether it's excelling in your career, enhancing relationships, or boosting self-confidence.


🧠 Learn More About Neurodivergence : We will learn more about ADHD, autism and how to create support structures that work WITH your brain.​


🌟 Discover Your Strengths: Tap into your unique neurodivergent strengths and talents (creativity! passion!) to leverage them in your personal and professional life.

🔸 You are figuring out your next move :

      starting a business, looking for a job, wanting to switch            careers, discover your dream career 

🔸 You find yourself working overtime and 

🔸 You want to do all the things, you have difficulty prioritizing 

🔸 You feel chronically overwhelmed and want to feel more balance, calm and stability in your life, and be in the driver's seat

🔸 You are craving higher level practical tips, strategies and 

      solutions than you see online

🔸 You are craving more creativity, passion, fun, play, joy     

       and a spark in your life 

🔸 You are craving a safe space to unmask and connect

      deeply and authentically with other ND folks 

🔸 Despite objectively accomplishing alot, you feel like you don't "have it together"  



🔸 You want to explore, learn more about neurodivergence, your brain, and yourself, and gain perspective

🔸You want to experience being deeply seen, validated and received by others 

🔸You want to work on ND challenges like procrastination, overwhelm, relationships, emotional regulation

🔸You are craving a tree to lean on. Its overwhelming / not working navigating the ND experience all by yourself

75-90 min sessions


🔹Somatic exercise 🌀

🔹Share wins and celebrations of the week 🙌🏼 (small & big) 


🔹Coaching - Walk away with perspective, insight, questions to         

     ponder, and actionable steps [2-4 members coached per session]

🔹Witness others be coached and recognize similar threads between         their experience and yours (pattern recognition) and apply it to your       challenges 

🔹After each segment of coaching, others will share their experiences,        ideas, tried and tested strategies 


🔹Share highlights and key takeaways from the session

🔹Commit to an actionable goal to check in next session

🔹Keep in touch throughout the week through chat and co-working 


💜 12x 75-90min sessions

💜 3-6 person intimate groups of ND folks similar to you

💜 Whatsapp group for ongoing support, connection,

      encouragement, accountability check-ins, and sharing 

      memes, strategies, tools, articles and FUN!

💜 Weekly optional group co-working sessions for accountability 

💜 $1650 with payment plans and optional 1:1 coaching add ons

        $1500 ($250 x 6 months)  -OR-  $1650  ($137 x 12 months)

- June '24 group : starts 6/25 Tue 5:30 pm

- July ' 24 group : start date TBD

(if interested, sign up for waitlist and indicate preference)


» Recordings & transcript will be made available after each session

I'm sooo glad you found me 🙈

join my waitlist
and meet with me

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