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Group Coaching

You mean other people also procrastinate paying for parking tickets and then have to pay double??

Wow, it's not just me that waits til right before bedtime to wash my hair and sleeps with wet hair.

Oh, it's normal to have to throw out rotten food from the fridge all the time?

I remember at the beginning(ish) of my neurodivergence journey, I was going through my ADHD coach training program with a class of 17 people. It was the first time I experienced a neurodivergent community.

I had never related to a group of people so intensely. They got me instantly without me having to explain or justify things. After each class, I hosted a discussion group that often went on for hours as people shared their experiences and this and that, relating to one another. These people became a community for me. We still talk regularly on a group chat.

It was a powerful experience to feel understood instantly and seen deeply. It was also so much fun!

💫 Magic happens when we feel seen by others with similar lived experiences.

("its not just me!")

The power of community is strong. Neurodivergent minds can benefit greatly from knowing that others struggle with similar things, that our challenges are common, and that experiences and feelings are valid.

Feeling acceptance, empathizing with other people and having greater compassion for myself was a powerful way for me to shed shame around my neurodivergence and overcome challenges to step into my neurodivergent powers.

I want to help others experience it too. 

My group coaching container provides a safe, nurturing, and empowering space where neurodivergent peeps can come together to:​


💗 Build a Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded neurodivergent folks who share your experiences and challenges. Be seen and heard. The power of community is strong!


💪 Develop Effective Strategies: We'll work together to create tailored strategies to navigate common ND challenges such as overwhelm, procrastination, time management, , energy / motivation management, emotional regulation, and relationships. (and more!)


🚀 Achieve Your Goals: My program is designed to help you set and achieve your personal and professional goals, whether it's excelling in your career, enhancing relationships, or boosting self-confidence.


🧠 Learn More About Neurodivergence : We will learn more about ADHD, autism and how to create support structures that work WITH your brain.​


🌟 Discover Your Strengths: Tap into your unique neurodivergent strengths and talents (creativity! passion!) to leverage them in your personal and professional life.

🔸You have experienced 1:1 coaching and are craving peer support, a feeling of belonging & community, as well as a refresher

🔸You haven't experienced coaching yet but you have been curious.

🔸You would like to connect with other ND folks and feel seen and validated.

🔸You struggle with ND related challenges such as procrastination, overwhelm, relationships, emotional regulation

🔸You struggle with negative self talk around being ND. (guilt, shame, blaming yourself etc)

🔸You are craving support. Its tough navigating the ND experience all by yourself.

🔹Share wins of the week 

🔹Coaching - Walk away with perspective, insight and actionable steps

🔹Witness others be coached 

🔹Share experiences, ideas, strategies and tools with the hivemind

🔹Share highlights and key takeaways from the session

🔹Commit to an actionable goal to check in next session

🔹Keep in touch throughout the week through chat and co-working sessions

✨ 8x weekly 75 min coaching sessions

✨ 3-6 person small groups of like-minded neurodivergent folks

✨Private community chat for ongoing support, connection, encouragement, accountability check- 

    ins,and sharing memes, strategies, tools and articles

✨ Weekly group co-working sessions for accountability

✨ $870 with payment plans and optional 1:1 coaching add ons

Group Coaching 

Tuesdays (Feb 20 - May 14)

  • 10am PT // 1pm ET

Body Doubling / Co-working(optional)

Wednesdays (Feb 21 - May 15)

  • 10 am PT // 1 pm ET​

» Recordings will be made available after each session

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