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Business Coaching / Mentoring / Consulting for ADHD & Neurodivergence Coaches 

2 years after starting my coaching business I have a thriving business, on both metrics personally important to me and objective metrics. I am currently starting my 3rd year. 

I've found a way for my clients to find me, without me spend my energy on social media (which I wouldn't enjoy) and creating content. I have a waitlist that often spans several months. I have the privilege of working with clients that are very aligned with me and bring me joy, and we have fun creating magic together!

I regularly receive inquiries from organizations asking me to collaborate. (Speaking engagements, coaching their teams and groups, workshops) It excites me to know this is just the beginning. 


It was a journey and process figuring these things out on my own, and later with a mentor. When I started 2 years ago I would've never dreamed I would be here. I feel like my life is a dream and still sometimes have trouble believing it. (as cliched as this might sound)


I can support you in creating and cultivating your own version of this, in a way that works for you, based on my experiences - trial & errors, learning about non-icky marketing, and receiving business coaching. Surprisingly the business coaching, for me, was more about inner work than the outer work (strategy). I always find a combination is the best =)

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My Areas of Expertise 


Crafting Consultation Call

How I cultivate safety and trust to connect authentically and deeply with clients, be in service to them and book 3/4+ clients

Based on my experience of doing 200+ consult calls, analyzing & optimizing for 2 years


Attracting Clients

Learn how you can attract clients  (individuals and organizations)

that are your vibe, ensuring a fulfilling relationship & results. 


in a sustainable way that doesn't cause burn out, and in a way that feels good for both you and the client (non-icky marketing).


Spacious & Sustainable Business 

Start planting the seeds for a spacious, easeful, sustainable business now, instead of waiting to do so after you hit a certain number goal, and prevent burn out

You can't suddenly have a sustainable business once you hit a number goal - you have to start plant the seeds early on.

We can explore blocks together, increase your capacity to hold a business and strategize.


Launching a New "Product" and Scaling

Launch a new product (group coaching, course, community),  serve more people that are gravitated towards you as a coach and grow your income (scale), while being in service of your clients. 


Talks, Workshops, Group Coaching for Organizations

How you can get offered talks, workshops, group coaching for organizations, features in articles

How to negotiate, how to create the programming and figure out pricing 


Create Systems 

Create systems & processes to ensure a smooth and easy experience for both you and client. 

Learn how to outsource tasks you don't enjoy doing.

Make things easy for you and prevent losing clients in the process. 

I'm sooo glad you found me 🙈

email me to chat about your needs and pricing. I'm also available to discuss other topics not listed here

I'm so glad you found me.

you can email me and we can start talking about your needs and how I could help 


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