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Teaching is in my DNA

Two of my grandparents were elementary school principals. My mum has degrees in social work and counseling and has held workshops in schools and juvenile detention facilities.


I worked in Korea's private education industry for a decade, teaching college prep classes, tutoring, and working as a college admissions consultant.


Today, I carry on this work and host workshops / talks for organizations and for other coaches, educating about neurodivergence and neuro-inclusivity. 


Speaking is a passion of mine

Public speaking was a strong passion for me during my school years.

I competed in mock trial, debate, speech competitions and adjudicated debate. I have competed at national and international levels, winning many awards.

I am a passionate and moving speaker, balancing logical and emotional rhetoric.



I've always been a writer. I enjoy coming up with ideas, deep diving into them, and expressing myself by putting them together in words. 

Projects We Could Collaborate On


Speaking Engagements

"Coaching Neurodivergent Clients"

(Informing coaches on how to weave neuroinclusivity in their practices)

for Animas Coaching

(Scheduled July 2024)

"My Tumultuous Relationship With My Mum, Navigating my Neurodivergences" (watch)

for Alliance for Impact 


Group Coaching Teams

-coming soon-



I can come up with creative ideas to fit your organizations's needs 

Past Experiences 

*Quarterly custom workshop & group coaching program for Orchid,  ('s DEI affinity group) 

scheduled 2025


Leadership Experience

ADDA (ADD Association)

Asians with ADHD Support Group



ACO (ADHD Coaches Organization)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

Education Subcommittee 



Talks, Workshops, Group Coaching for Organizations

-coming soon-



-coming soon-

email me and we can start discussing your organization's needs. I'm also very open to discussing other projects not listed here

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