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Who I am:  

I am a neurodivergence coach, originally from Korea, living in LA. I help creative leaning, multi-passionate and multi-talented adults create fulfilling lives. I have ADHD, autism and bipolar disorder. The clients I work with also have one or more of these conditions. 


I started my coaching business 2.5 years ago. My business and life is thriving. I am personally growing at a rapid pace. I have a very fulfilling life, 

 and I am looking for someone to support me through this phase of my life.

What I do: 

My main work is in coaching. 


I help high achieving, multi-talented, multi-passionate clients achieve balance, security and safety in their lives. (Often, neurodivergent people feel chronically overwhelmed, like their life is moving too fast, they cannot keep up, they are not in the “driver’s seat”), so that they can spend more time living in their strengths of passion, creativity and joy. 


To achieve this, I do 1:1 and group coaching with clients. I also give talks, trainings, workshops and group coaching for organizations

Why I do it :

My mission - my calling - is to help traditionally marginalized (BIPOC, queer, femme, etc) neurodivergent people create and live a life they LOVE. 


I believe that when neurodivergent people embrace the light within them, they bring others joy. When neurodivergent people come together, we create neurodivergent magic! 

I'm not even trying to be cheesy - I am very passionate about what I do

Operations Manager + Personal Assistant

I'm looking for an operations manager and personal assistant (you will be wearing both hats) to assist me in running my online coaching business, my sometimes - side hustle, and my personal life. 


  • Will meet mostly meet at 5PM PST (8AM Manila time)

  • Occasionally meet at different times as I travel to different time zones (CST, EST, at the end of the year, I travel to southeast Asia. But obviously nothing crazy like 5am)

  • Sometimes you will work more, sometimes you will work less (flexibility required)



  • $8-12 per hour 

  • 40 hrs/ week full time salaried position

  • Severence pay depending on how long of a notice you give 

  • Pay increase with increasing skillset + ability to support me (I have in the past, increased pay rates without being asked, give regular bonuses depending on performance + my earnings, gifted workers with equipment etc)



  • Vacation days off as long as you give me 3 week notice 

  • Occasional 1-2 days off a week as long as you give me 1 week notice, and work isn't too chaotic 

  • Much more reduced workload when I am traveling, on vacation (which is quite often) 

  • Get to learn about things like mental health (somatics, nervous system regulation etc) and skills like marketing, copy-writing with me


Service Name

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Requirements for this position

  • You have min. 3 years of experience as an admin/assistant

  • You are a professional, full time freelancer (not doing this work temporarily or on the side)

  • You have prior PA experience (experience with assisting personal tasks)

  • Have reliable, high speed internet connection. 

  • Fluent in English - both written and spoken

Who would be a good fit for this job?

  • Highly motivated, enthusiastic, goal oriented

  • Interested in mental health

  • Genuine interest in this position 

  • Has flexibility (sometimes you

  • Be able to work together 3-5+ years

Qualities we are looking for:  

  • High integrity, trustworthy, honest, reliable

  • Good work ethic 

  • Dependable 

  • Able to adapt communication style (depending on the needs of you and me)

  • Proactive and self directed (does not require mico-management from me)

  • Experienced with remote work - ability to manage your own time, skills in staying organized, being efficient, have self care routines 

Skills we are looking for : 

  • Ability to look at the big picture distinguish between priority and non priority tasks 

  • Highly organized (job and tasks can feel overwhelming at times) 

  • Able to juggle multiple projects and tasks without dropping the ball 

  • Ability to manage operations (vs. being told what to do)

  • Strong ability to create systems and tools (I am great at doing this, but this is not what I want to spend my time doing)

  • ✦Strong ability to problem solve and troubleshoot 

  • ✦ Adept with tech tools (ability to navigate and learn how to use new software with ease, relatively skilled with spreadsheet, use tools to do tasks efficiently vs. taking alot of time & effort)


  • Ability to outsource easier tasks (ex. data entry) to other freelancers at times 

  • Ability to “manage” me at time and find ways for me to get things done on time (when it comes to “boring” tasks and admin tasks, I tend to procrastinate, especially when I am overwhelmed [we can figure this out together]

  • Passionate about self development

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